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Hugh Blair's "LEIDGER"
DECEMBER 12th, 1806

Hugh Blair" Loaned by Mrs. Beulah Linn,, Pigeon forge. She found
this small leather bound book in Andy Householder barn after purchasing this

Hugh Blair was married February 25th 1808 Removed to Sevierville January 17th 1810 Cost of a shop in Sevierville and smoke House counting all Expense about sixty six Dollars

on the 7th of August 1810 got a most Horrible Burn by, steping in to a Coal
Kill walked not a step for twenty two days

Rachel Tipton was born November 26th 1788

Franklin Blair was born in the year of our Lord December 18th 1808. en sunday 10 o clock ? in the afternoon? ( He may have meant 1 o'clock)

Brazil Blair was born in the year of our Lord May 11th 1810 on Friday
9 o'clock in the morning

Mary Adepline A. Blair Born August 25th 1816 about 5 oclock in the morning

Nathaniel Blair eras born July 25th in the year 1818 about 12 o'clock in the morning Saturday

Andrew Jackson Blair was born September 24th on Saturday 6 o'clock in the morning in the year 187.4

Franklin L Blair Born December 18th 1808 on Sunday 
Saul B Blair Born May 11th 1810 on Friday 
Albion T (L?) Blair Born September 12th 1811 on Thursday
Wm. H. Blair Born June 21st 1813 on Monday
Andrew J . Blair Born September 24th 1814 on Saturday 
Mary A. Blair Born August 25th 1816 on Sunday Degnd ? August 17th 1867 
Nath. Blair Born July 25th 1818 en Saturday
Hugh Blair Born February 14th 1820 on Monday -Died on Thursday 3 Sept 1835 of an ? of 16 Days 
Elisabeth Blair Born October 1st 1821 on monday
Catharine Blair Born September 1st 1823 on Monday 
Nancy Malvina Blair Born January 17th 1825 on Monday 
Robt H. Blair born May 11th 1827 on Friday
Gilford C Blair born November 12 1828 on Wednesday

Monday December 12th 1814 Arose Early this morning & prepared to move from Sevierville, do about 10 o clock bid adieu to its vicinity for Ever & with out regret the same day arrive Safe at my present place of residence.


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