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Hugh Blair's "LEIDGER" 

      William F Blair died September the 12th 1877 
      Nancy M Blair died September the 13th 1878 
      Sary T Burrs died March the 21 1879 
      Charley Blair died May the 5th 1380 
      Anney Maples died July the 16th 1877 
      Camel Maples married August the 25th 1877 
      Hulda McMahan died July the 11th 1878 
      Nancy Andes died June the 15 1885 

      Arter Murphy Shot him self February the 7th 1879 

     Hill Tommes was killed the 11th of November 1883 
      Pleasant Stafford cut his throat November the 16th 
      died the 18th was burried the 20th 1886 
      Doctor Jim Hendersonwas shot the 28 of November 1896  

      Ferry Atchly died July the 11th 1881 
      Loretta Stair died November 16th 1881  
      Ida a Andes died August 3  1882  
      Hugh S Blair died September 9 1882  
      a Son of Hugh Blairs  
      Henry Lee Blair died february 10 1886 
      W.H. Blair died September 13th 1891  
      John B Blair died August 16th 1893  
      Elizabeth Blair died March 20th 1894  
      Della Maples died the 13th March 1889  
      Hattie Varnel married the 17th of March 1889  
      Cam Maples married Lila Stophol the 13th of July 1889  
      William Handles died the 10th of March 1891  
      Lira. Frasure died the 2 day of March 1894  
      James Aapoles died Oct 10 1895 
      Rote Blair married december the 7th 1882 
      H.M. Blair married the 25th of January 1883 
      John K Blair was married the 16th of Hay 1883  
      Bettis Blair married the 19th of January 1883  
      Burnie Randles married April the 27th 1890  
      Burnies baby was born the Second day of June 1891 

      Mary Jane Blair and Js Ilit was married the 5 of June 900 ( probably 1900) 

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