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Hugh Blair's "LEIDGER" .

December 25th 1810

It being tuesday went to a Squirl hunt made by the boys where thirty seven were the Expl- oits  of the Day 
Got beat by one----
Came home in the night

December 25th 1811 had a Squirl Hunt on Christmas ? on Said Eve and Shot at the / made By the same party not known who Beat

December 16th 1811 the Town of Sevierville Experienced the shock of an Earth Quake But not noticed by all its Inhabitants. Description of it at Knoxville it happened about Between 12 and 1 o'clock Begun with a rumbling more like distant thunder and caused the Earth to shake for same minutes a flash of fire was Discovered to the north-ward. at this place it alarm'd the whole town by the noise of the rumbling and ratling of the windows and furniture of the Houses. three other Shocks happened in succession Between that and sun rise But lighter. the furder westward the harder
Another Earth Quake January, 23d 1812 50 minutes after 8 o'clock lasted two minutes. Caused the glass of the windows to Rattle considerably with outany Sound ? Here

Memorandum of the poles of the Election held at Sevierville 3d & 4th day
August 1815 for Governor H. to Congress Senator S.B. Rep.. to Gen Assembly

Weakley- 1 
Sevier- 524
Bryan -525
Whartons -265  


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